About The Blogger

Hello Followers,

I would like to begin this blog by first giving you some general knowledge about me. I am a full-time Temple University student majoring in Public Relations. However, I also work full-time as a Risk Management Specialist at one of the largest orthopedic practices in Philadelphia. So far this career choice has been getting the bills paid and keeping food on the table, but it’s not exactly what I want to do for the rest of my life. That’s why I enrolled at Temple University, that’s why I’m majoring in PR, and that’s why I’m writing this blog. Working full-time and going to school full-time is no easy task, but being able to earn an education while simultaneously earning valuable experience in the professional working world may prove to be worth the effort.

Throughout the remainder of my Intro to PR course I’ll be posting my insight and reactions to the many PR issues that arise during the semester. I’m very excited to learn more about the field of Public Relations, and to also share my opinions about these topics with all of you. I’m sure that with this being an election year, I’ll have plenty of topics to write about, and you will have plenty to read. Thanks for stopping by my Public Relations Blog. Be sure to check back weekly for new posts and updates.

-Isaiah Lopez

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